The children at Enderby have enjoyed creating a new role play area. Pirates have taken over the Lion’s and Hippo’s classroom and the children have enjoyed searching for buried treasure and hidden gold.

This week at Enderby the children in pre school have taken part in St George’s bake off. The children made some very yummy shortbread biscuits to take home to share with their friends and family

    This week the children have enjoyed exploring the different textures in the nursery pond. The children used their imagination to take the duck’s swimming and the frog’s leaping.

  The children in Lion’s and Hippo’s have enjoyed experimenting with paint. The children used paint rollers and different sponges to create their pictures.

This week at our City site we have enjoyed a variety of creative activities; The babies have been making sounds with the musical instruments and singing nursery rhymes, the 2-3’s have created art work by blowing paint bubbles and catching the bubbles on the paper and our 3-5’s and holiday care have become master chefs […]

Last week Our 3-5’s enjoyed the textured rice play. making dinner for their friends, dying the rice multiple colours and sticking it to card to create beautiful pictures.

        This week the children in our Piglet’s classroom have been experimenting with paint. The children have enjoyed mixing the colours to discover what new colours they can make. The children have enjoyed painting both indoors and outdoor using a variety of mark making materials to create beautiful masterpieces.

This week the Pre-School parents have been to a stay and play session at Enderby. The children and their parents enjoyed a nature themed session. There were many different activities available such as conkers in ice, butterfly painting, leaves and magnifying glass, play dough and lots more. Thank you to everyone who attended and the […]

Two of our staff  from Enderby have enjoyed attending  a course to learn  all about signs and symbols, to help children communicate. The staff found the training very valuable and have been implementing this into the setting. This training will now be cascaded to all staff and used to help support children’s communication and language.

       This week the children at Enderby have been learning how to use the scissors to snip paper. The children enjoyed to snip and cut the tissue paper. Using scissors helps to develop the children’s fine motor skills and helps to strengthen the fingers and muscles that we need to be able to hold a pen […]