This week at the Oadby the site, the Pre-school children have celebrated Valentines Day! They made and decorated yummy biscuits to give to their loved ones.

This week at our City Site the 2-3s celebrated Valentines day with their Mummies and Daddies , there was lots of fun activities to take part in such as marble painting , playdoh and colourful water play with bubbles.

This week at the City Site the children in baby room have been busy exploring textures with sensory play, such as shredded paper play , bubbles and coloured water with water toys , mini ball pool, and sensory sound toys.

This week at the Oadby site, the Cheeky Chimps have been busy celebrating Chinese New Year! They have gotten messy with paint and glitter making beautiful Chinese lanterns. They have gotten to grips with the fiddly chopsticks and attempted picking up rice with them! Well done Chimps! They have also had lots of fun role […]

The baby unit at Enderby have been busy mark making and using their senses to explore paint, giant ice cubes, mashed potato and cournflour and water. These activities cover all three prime areas of the EYFS. The three prime areas are the foundation for successful learning.  

This week at the Oadby site the babies have been busy mark making for their black, white and red area. Why black, white and red? These colours are highly contrasting and are the first 3 colours that are seen from birth. It is important to provide resources and media that portray these visual extremes as […]

Today at the City Site our 3-5s celebrated Chinese New Year by doing a stay and play, there was many fun activities to take part in such as making a cup dragon , exploring new textures with ‘Gelli Baff’ rice and spaghetti and decorating a lantern.

This week in the 3-5’s classroom at Grace Road we have been practicing our story telling. And was able to re-tell the story “Goldilocks and the three bears” in our own miniature books that we have created. We had a teacher help us to write our own interpretations of the story. EYFS links to this […]

This week at Oadby, the Pre-school children have been getting prepared for Chinese New Year – Year of the Pig! They have been practicing using their chopsticks and turned their roleplay area into a Chinese Takeaway!

This week at the City Site the 2-3s have had a busy week exploring with Playdoh using different resources to make marks and new textures , also taking part in a dinosaur matching activity where the children match the pattern on the egg to the right dinosaur.