About St. George’s Nursery School.

Welcome and thank you for your enquiry into St George’s Nursery Schools.

St. George’s Nursery School first began in 1994 in the City Centre of Leicester. The founders wanted better quality childcare for their own children than was currently being provided in the Leicester area. They envisioned a nursery that went further than ordinary childcare; a nursery that would set children up for school; a nursery that would develop their educational, social, physical and emotional skills as well as their confidence; and so St George’s was born!

St George’s became popular in Leicester and they soon developed a reputation for excellent quality childcare and have since opened four additional sites to meet demand.

Our services


Our baby units offer a safe, caring environment and are filled with bright, soft toys and sensory equipment to encourage development.


For this age group, the day becomes more structured, and is split between free play and more organised adult-led activities.


As the child moves through the group rooms, to the pre-school, they experience a wide variety of activities helping to prepare them for their move to school.


St George’s provides care during out of school hours and school holidays for children aged between 4 to 10 years.

What is right for your child?

Childcare is undoubtedly a great responsibility and you want only the best for your child. At St George’s we aim to provide a quality and professional service that is completely child-centered and genuinely cares about your child’s interests and respects their individuality.

We couldn’t deliver this service to you without our fantastic long serving team of staff who are warm and welcoming and who make every day for your child one to remember. Great emphasis is placed on the selection of our staff teams, who are appropriately qualified and are trained to recognise the development needs of your child and to create a challenging and stimulating environment.

Your child’s early years are the most important of their life. During these formative years, children can benefit emotionally, socially and intellectually from interacting with others, hence building a solid foundation for their future lives.

At St George’s we want to ensure that your child positively benefits from being in our care and also benefits from the relationship between home and nursery.

Input from parents concerning the care of their child is welcomed at St George’s. We recognize you as your child’s first educator therefore value your support and interaction with your child’s nursery experience.

All of our nurseries have been thoughtfully converted to incorporate an excellent range of facilities including air-conditioning and CCTV. Each room has been carefully designed for separate age groups providing activities appropriate to their age and stage of development.

We ensure that children at St. George’s are learning, safe but above all happy.

From the minute you bring your child into the nursery to the moment you collect them you can be confident that, at St. George’s, they will be in a nurturing environment, full of stimulating and educational experiences.

St. George’s Nursery School strives to:

  • Ensure the best standards of childcare and education
  • Provide parents with peace of mind.
  • Maintain close communications with parents from day one.
  • Provide the best facilities for your child.
  • Ensure your child feels happy, safe and loved whilst away from home.
  • Provide excellent standards of safety and security.
  • Give your child the best start in life.