“To Lisa, kerry, Erica, Helen, Stef, Anna, Lisa and all the other wonderful ladies at St George’s. I want to thank you all so much for all the love and care you have given to Mimi. I have never for one moment felt anything other than complete trust for you all since day 1. She and I will miss you all a lot you’ve been a HUGH part of her life and ill be forever grateful for the time you have given her.”

Happy Parent – 2017

“Oscar and his family would just like to say how grateful we are for helping and being there for Oscar each day. You’ve taught him so much and we have seen him grow into a more confident happy little boy. We have come to know your care and support have set him on the right path. You’ve even helped teach him it’s fun to laugh. His futures much brighter because you’ve helped teach him to cope. Each day Oscar grows in confidence ability and hope. So the words we have written don’t seem enough but they are from the hearts of Oscar and his family with LOVE.”

Oscar and his family – 2017

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of George and Fi over the past 6 years. It really has been a difficult decision to move on from St George’s you have been such an important part in all of our lives and it feels like you have become part of our family now. We will miss you very much and remember our time with you. Hope you don’t mind if we pop in from time to time to say Hi ( and a cuddle ) lots and lots and lots of love”

Happy Parent – 2017

“To Anna, Lisa, Abbe, Erika, Laura, Shelley and all the staff at St George’s. Thank you for being such a wonderful nursery. Cameron has enjoyed every minute and we are great full for everything you have done for him. So goodbye for now we’ll be back in a years time!”

Happy Parent – 2017

“The Nursery may have found a teacher in you, but our child found a hero.”

Happy Parent – 2017

“My last day, Thank you so much for looking after me. I really enjoyed spending time with Libby and Maz. It took me some time to get use to but I ended up really enjoying myself. I really liked to play with the other children. Now it’s time for me to move on and be a big girl. Miss you”

Jessica – 2017

“To all the staff at St Georges nursery, we want to say a massive thank you to all the staff who have helped Sidney (and Erica) from babies to children. You cared for them, loved them, cuddled them, wiped their noses and for that we are so grateful. It’s hard choosing a nursery to leave your baby at but we have never doubted our choice. You are all amazing and caring and we will genuinely miss seeing you all. Thank you doesn’t seem enough, we will miss you all so much. Thank you for everything.”

Sidney, Erica – 2017

“Dear Katie & Hannah. We know our journey with you hasn’t ended, however we wanted to take this moment to say thank you for all the care & support you have given us all. We are so proud of the little girl Amiya has become& we have you all to thank. We are so happy we chose St George’s. It has been lovely to see the nursery & staff team grow. For us Emily has shown so much confidence, she is caring nurturing and professional, we couldn’t have asked for more. For us you will be part of our family’s story.”

Mr & Mrs P – 2017

“To Katie & all at St George’s –Narborough. Thank you all so much for giving Arthur a fantastic start to his education. He has had great care, made good friends, enjoyed fun activities and learnt a lot. We are very proud of his growing skills and he has loved the garden. He will miss you. We will miss you”.

Sam & Duncan – 2017

“Katie & everyone at St George’s. thank you so much for looking after Erica. She has had the best start to her school years thanks to the time she has spent here. It’s such a lovely place where everyone is so friendly. We will really miss you all”.

Happy Parent – 2017

“To Katie, Hannah and Emily. Well the time has come and the boy has grown! Big school begins! Alex and I would like to thank you for your care and input into our ‘baby’ Julius. He’s very ready for big school and its adventures and you have all helped him to reach this point with confidence. We’ll see you in October. Thanks much.”

Lisa and Alex Boye – 2016

“A big thank you to all the staff at St George’s. You’ve made Zelda feel so happy and welcome. She has learnt so much and we will miss all of you dearly.”

Leanne Perry – 2016

“To all the team at St Georges city site. Just want t say a massive thank you and show my appreciation for all the love, support and guidance you have given to my daughter. The commitment you have shown and given has been fantastic. You are all truly fantastic and amazing people, you make a great team. Love and appreciation Janessa.”

Mr Connell and Miss Hanley – 2016

“To all the amazing staff of St Georges nursery City. Thank you for the love and affection you have shown Malika ever since she started there 3 ½ years ago. I have seen her transforming to a very confident young girl all because of you guys. You all are exceptional, please keep up the good work. We will surley miss Tabby’s House. Ever so grateful mum-Rahma.”

Miss Awadhy – 2016

“To everyone at ST Georges Nursery. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for making Arjuns experience at St Georges an amazing milestone in his early years. He has grown into a confident and joyful young boy and that is because all of the staff have embraced Arjun with genuine care. We will miss you!”

Kalpana & Deepak – 2016

“To Anna, Lisa & Cheryl, Thank you ladies for all your help and support over the past years. My kids loved being in the nursery and I was always confident leaving them there. I wish you all the best with your future plans. I am really grateful.”

Sabina – 2016

“Thank you so much for taking care of Finlay over the past couple of years. You have taught him so much and he has some very happy times with you all. We are very sad to be saying goodbye.”

Paul & Cathy Sellars – 2016

“We are so grateful to you all at St George’s for the care given to Nathan, Aaron & ava during the last 4 years. We have been delighted with all who have been involved with our children. We cannot quite get our heads around the fact that our babies will be going to school we will keep you updated on their progress. Once again thank you.”

Lee & Adele Kennedy – 2016

“We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us over the last few years. You have all been so helpful, kind, approachable and flexible. We are very grateful that sam has always loved going to nursery and were sure james will feel the same!”

Mr & Mrs Bennett – 2015

“To all the staff at St Georges – A big thank you to everyone who has looked after me over the years, you have been a big part of my life from very small young age but I am a big boy now! I am so thankful for all te love, support and care you all gave me. So thank you so much for everything I will miss you all but will come and visit you all in my school uniform”.

Yash – 2015

“To All the staff @ St Georges, “Thank you to all the staff that have looked after me I have made lots of friends and will miss all the staff, you have helped me grow into a young girl ready for school.”

Aimee – 2015

“To everyone at St George’s Nursery, thank-you so much for making my time here really special. I have had great fun. I am really excited to be going to big school in September. I will miss you all”

Love from Gracie – 2015

“We feel sad that today is Liam’s last day at St Georges. You have been a big part of Liam’s childhood. We have both made some lovely friends through the nursery and would like to thank you for that. Liam has received lots of care and support from you and has had loads of fun!”

K Turner (Parent) – 2014

“Bhulesh and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all at St George’s for taking good care of Jai during his time with you all over the past three years.
The love, care, support and development that Jai has experienced with you all is invaluable and we could not be more thankful and appreciative. Also the support you’ve given us as parents has been incredible. This journey of Jai’s early years is one we will definitely remember. We are truly sad that due to circumstances Rhiyan won’t be attending St Georges and Enderby hence he won’t get the same delightful early years’ experience as his big brother did. We wish you all the best in continuing to provide great childcare to all the children that attend St Georges at Enderby; you’ve got a great team.”

Best wishes and love Lina, Bhulesh (Parents) – 2014

“To everyone at St Georges Enderby – Thank you is not really enough! To ask someone to look after your child that is so precious to you is a big ask. Everyone does such a fantastic job, there has never been a concern for Jacobs happiness or safety. Having piece of mind has been priceless. The support for every stage of Jacobs’s development both personally and academically has been amazing. The nursery is a very special place, Jacob has become a very confident little boy over the past four years making close friends and relationships with the staff”.

Zoe, James and Jacob Butcher – 2014

“Thank you so much for looking after our little Evelyn for these years, it is hard to believe it is 3 years ago we brought a 9 month old sweetheart to you, and what an incredible person she is becoming. You have a great part in that and we thank you infinitively for that. Good luck great people.”


“Wow, it’s actually Charlie’s last day and I can not believe we will no longer be here at wonderful St Georges after two years. We can not thank you enough for all the love, friendship, kindness, care and joy everyone has given Charlie in each room over the years. We will both miss you all so much, lots of love”

Charlie, Harry, Helen and Jeremy

“The staff are always really helpful and friendly and the children have always loved their key-worker”

Lynn West

“I like the friendly approachable attitude of the staff. The creative learning my child partakes in and the amount of outdoor play”

Mary Golding

“St George’s provide safe, reliable care for my child which to me is worth every penny I pay.”

Tracy Brooks

“Both children have excelled in a way I couldn’t have imagined! They seem miles ahead of their peers at different nurseries. The way the nursery teaches them has also given me the confidence to trust them to do tasks i would not have thought of ordinarily (like pouring their own drinks, carrying their plates etc) The nursery is teaching our children responsibility for themselves and the environment around them. Its wonderful.”

Louisa Hibble

“I love the personal touch each member of staff provides. My daughter often talks about carers at pre-school on her every day/weekend activities. We particularly love Lisa and Anna as they make you feel so welcome and my daughter feels safe which is paramount to us. An extended family i would say!”

Lorraine Barratt

“My children moved to St George’s from another nursery and i wish we had moved sooner. My eldest has come on leaps and bounds in pre-school since moving. My twins have settled well since my return to work.”

Adele Kennedy

“I feel St George’s is of an exceptional standard and I’m happy to pay for that!”

Emma Towers

“We want to say thank you to yourself and St George’s for providing such excellent care for our son. He started his 3 days a week with you in August. Due to not being able to crawl or walk he was fortunate enough to be able to start in cuddly cubs aged 15 months with Andrea and Lucy. We could not have wished for two more professional, competent, kind and patient Nursery Nurses. St George’s were so supportive…three years later and he is prepared for school by Dee and Michelle. Once again we could not wish for two more dedicated professionals. Their expertise will make a positive difference to Daniel’s future well being and education… I wish you all continued success. Your role in our son’s life is much appreciated”

Mrs Broderick

“Matt and I want to express our thanks over the wonderful care you have given Chloe over the past year. We feel so fortunate to have found St George’s as Chloe has settled in happily and developed into such a happy, confident little girl through being with you. I couldn’t have asked for better nursery care for Chloe”

Mr and Mrs Halfacree

“Since I have been using St. George’s Nursery, many improvements have been made. To see continuing improvements is a great comfort. I have been more than satisfied with the care that has been given to my child. As a working mother this is a great comfort! Keep up the good work!”

Mrs King

“Being new to the area I initially looked for a nursery on my way to work but had also heard good reports about St. George’s. I was very impressed when I visited the nursery and it stood out from all other nurseries.”

Mrs Allen

“On visiting St. George’s ad hoc the staff were friendly, genuinely caring towards the children and had a professional manner.”

Mrs Mungroo