A big thank you to all our children and staff at Grace Road for lovely St George’s day celebrations. The children have enjoyed making flags, decorating dragons and learning about the story behind St George’s day. We celebrated with a lovely yummy dinner and dressed up in white and red too.

Our staff update our training on a regular basis. Here we have some of our staff updating their paediatric first aid. This is a 12 hour extensive course that all of our staff here at St Georges do.  

  We are looking forward to seeing you all at our stay & play sessions for Mother’s day on 23rd March at Grace Rd, every room has a different activity planned so please remember to bring your reply slip back so we know you are coming

The children at Grace Rd have been very busy preparing for St David’s day. They have been getting messy painting their Welsh ladies and also sticking their Welsh flags. We also have lots of pretty daffodil paintings all around the nursery

Our Duckling’s children at Grace Rd have enjoyed doing string painting this week. They have been talking about colours and have enjoyed dipping the string into the different colours of paints and then trying to pull it back out

The children at Grace Road have been busy showing their baking skills this week they have been making biscuits, mixing the ingredients together and  talking about textures and how things change when they are cooked. They have also had fun icing them too!!

Our 2-3’s in the Duckling’s room at Grace Rd have been exploring with their creative materials this week. They have been making castles in the sand, playing with playdough and exploring with the shaving foam too!

The babies at Grace Rd have had fun splashing in the water this week and playing with the bubbles. They all enjoyed splashing away and getting their teacher wet too. They also managed to give the animals a bath as well.

Our 2-3’s at Grace Rd have had lots of fun this week playing with play dough. They have had different colours and different smells to explore with and have been trying to roll it into all sorts of things we have had some lovely observations from them.

  Welcome back to all our funded children this week at Grace Rd and a big hello to all our new friends who have come to join us. We still have spaces in our 2-3’s and 3+ rooms for funded education so please pop by and have a look