Please see our 3-5’s new display at Grace Road, we made some beautiful handprint and footprint flowers, where the children giggled as it tickled their fingers and toes.           

Our story of the month within our 3-5’s class at Grace Road is “Handa’s surprise”. The children have been creating their own fruit baskets by colouring in the fruit that they would like to select and sticking them in a basket which has been placed on top of the child’s photo on their heads to […]

Our 2-3’s at Grace Road have been creative learning the traffic light signals, how we use them in the classroom and crossing roads safely. Red means stop, yellow means slow and green means go.

On Tuesday everyone at the City Site all took part in celebrating St Georges Day. All the children enjoyed craft activities they made their own shields and hats. At lunch time everyone got together and all enjoyed a delicious roast dinner.

Today our 2-3’s and 3-5’s at Grace Road went to visit the elderly at Alton Care Home where we handed out hot cross buns and wished the residents and carers a happy Easter. The residents and carers were very happy to see us and the children took pride in handing out the hot cross buns […]

Today at Grace Road we have been celebrating St. Georges Day with wearing red and white, making our own flags, shields and creating lovely displays with multiple art work that we have created by using hand printing, colouring and painting.                            

This week at Grace Road we have been very busy preparing for Eater, we have been making Easter cards, potato stamping, finger painting to create chick prints, handprint bunnies, designing our own eggs, names spelling, farm animal malleable play and making some yummy bunny biscuits.  We would like to wish you a hoppy Easter from […]

This week at Grace Road we had a very kind parent that brought in her baby chicks for a little visit, the children and staff all took turns in holding the chicks and stroking them, Thank you so much for letting us share this experience.                                                                   

This week at Grace Road we have been busy creating our sensory area to play in, we have got the blackout sensory tent with our colourful lights, glow in the dark clear balls and other sensory toys for us all to enjoy.               

This week at Grace Road we have been preparing for mothering Sunday this by creating cards, pictures and some beautiful hand wrapped daffodils decorated by children’s artwork to give to their loved ones this weekend.