We are all ready for the world cup at Grace Road, we have been designing our own football shirts, drawing pictures and playing football in the garden we are all prepared for England’s first game tonight.

“You make me feel protected I’m sheltered by your care. You’re always my true friend when I need you, you’re always there.” Happy Father’s day to all male role models, We hope you have a lovely Fathering Sunday.    

This week at Grace Road our 2-3’s and 3-5’s have enjoyed different types of water play, we have made watering cans to “water the flowers”, “make lines” and to “cook” with, outside and this morning we went “fishing” and caught “Nemo” as one of the children shouted excitedly.

This week at City Site the children have all enjoyed the sun and did a lot of outdoor play. They have been getting adventurous by exploring the materials making dens also getting their hands messy with shaving foam and paint play. also this week the 3-5s have had a taster session with Leon from super […]

Today at William Street the children have enjoyed celebrating the royal wedding that is happening tomorrow, by dressing up as prince/princesses or in red, white and blue,  they started off with dancing and joining in with party games, then the children had a tea party in the garden.

This week At Grace Road all of the children have been getting ready for the Royal wedding. Some children have been dressing up, drawing pictures, colouring Tiara’s and making Union jack flags all in preparation for Saturday.

Please see our GDPR display at Grace Road to view the new data protection that will be in place 25th May 2018, all parents will receive an email that they will need to read informing them on all the new data protection then come to the office to please sign the privacy notice, thank you. […]

This week in the Badger Room the children have been learning about plants, they have made their own Cress heads with clear plastic cups so they are able to see the different stages of the seed transforming into cress.

Welcome to “Ducklings construction site” at Grace Road this week, Our 2-3’s have been using their imaginations being builders and getting busy making “houses” with the blocks, sand and construction tools.                   

The city site would love to give you all a huge thank you for all of the money that has been raised so far for the save the children charity. The children have done so many physical activities this week for the muddy puddle challenge including jumping in muddy puddles, racing around the playground and […]