This week at the city site the 3-5’s have been talking about autumn. The children can’t wait for the leaves to turn different colours. After talking about how the leaves will turn different colours we decided to do some painting. The children have created some lovely hand print trees and enjoyed getting messy!

  The 3-5’s and our holiday children at the city site have been busy learning how to program our new mouse Coby. They have set up mazes and obstacles for him to find the cheese. The children were really excited when Coby got the cheese!    

This week at our City site we have enjoyed a variety of creative activities; The babies have been making sounds with the musical instruments and singing nursery rhymes, the 2-3’s have created art work by blowing paint bubbles and catching the bubbles on the paper and our 3-5’s and holiday care have become master chefs […]

You are all welcome to our Healing Little Heart charity fete on Saturday 3rd June 17, 11-1 held at our City site on William Street. please feel free to invite all family and friends. We are having a raffle with prizes of * laser force voucher * *360 play voucher * entry to go kids […]

The children at the city site have all been busy preparing for our St Georges banquet on monday. We would love if all the children come dressed in red and white to celebrate with us.

This week our 2-3’s have enjoyed feeling the different textures in our messy village, speaking about the “soft” and “hard” malleable’s that they can feel within the rice, gravy and flour, The children were pushing the trains along the track and creating “circles” in the flour.

Our staff update our training on a regular basis. Here we have some of our staff updating their paediatric first aid. This is a 12 hour extensive course that all of our staff here at St Georges do.  

This week our 3-5’s have been practicing their letter formation in sensory play- cocoa powder, using their finger tips and recognising the beginning letter of their names whilst playing outside in this lovely weather that we have had this week.

Spring is coming and our children have been very busy this week creating lots of art work to make new spring displays. 0-2’s have created cotton wool lambs by sticking, 2-3’s made colourful butterfly handprints and 3-5’s have made mini bugs with paints, and observational daffodils.

Our poppy room children have enjoyed our parachute play outside gaining social skills, building frienships, playing interactive games with peers and friends, turn taking, ability to share and learning colours amd numbers within the games.