This week at our City Site the 2-3s celebrated Valentines day with their Mummies and Daddies , there was lots of fun activities to take part in such as marble painting , playdoh and colourful water play with bubbles.

Today at the City Site our 3-5s celebrated Chinese New Year by doing a stay and play, there was many fun activities to take part in such as making a cup dragon , exploring new textures with ‘Gelli Baff’ rice and spaghetti and decorating a lantern.

This week at the City Site the 2-3s have had a busy week exploring with Playdoh using different resources to make marks and new textures , also taking part in a dinosaur matching activity where the children match the pattern on the egg to the right dinosaur.

This week at the City Site the children in the 3-5s room have been looking into healthy eating and recreating meals for our portion control display, showing the recommended meal size for children ages 1-4.

We would like to thank all of the parents at the city site for their lovely gifts. We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

The children at the city site had an amazing Christmas dinner on Wednesday cooked by Ros. The children have all been decorating lovely Christmas cards and calendars this week and they are all super excited for our Christmas party next Tuesday and seeing our special guest Santa.

Thank you so much to all the staff, parents and children that helped us to raise money last week for children in need. I can confirm that the city site raised a total of £112.20.  

This week at city site the children and staff took part in dressing up as super heroes to help raise money for children in need.

Happy Diwali from all of the staff and children at the city site.

This week at the city site, all rooms have taken part in Halloween stay and plays , taking part in lots of creative and messy play with their mummies , daddies and grandparents