Please join us in raising money for children in need at our City site by taking part in our cake sale all week and dressing up in pyjamas on Friday 17th November 17, any donations are greatly appreciated.  

This week at City site we have enjoyed getting creative to design our own fire works using multiple resources such as forks, straws and toilet roll tubes, ready to display for bonfire night. Please remember to stay safe and remember children should not have access to or be near fireworks. Always hold sparklers at arm’s […]

This week at our City site the 2-3’s have had lots of fun splashing in the spooky water with google eyes and “slime” and getting messy creating shaving foam pictures

The city site are all looking forward to our spooktacular tea and fancy dress next tuesday. we look forward to see all your costumes!  

Happy Diwali from all at our City site.

The children in the 3-5’s room at the city site have been talking about life cycles of butterflies. The children were very excited when the caterpillars arrived at nursery. The children have all had a chance to look closely at the caterpillars and we are waiting for them to turn into chrysalis, which will hopefully […]

This week at the city site the 3-5’s have been talking about autumn. The children can’t wait for the leaves to turn different colours. After talking about how the leaves will turn different colours we decided to do some painting. The children have created some lovely hand print trees and enjoyed getting messy!

Please feel free to join us in our collect for harvest festival that we will be starting next week at City site, all donations will be going to charity and any contribution would be much appreciated.

This week at City site our 2-3’s have enjoyed playing together in our ball-pool looking at the colours, sharing, rolling, throwing and counting the balls.

  The 3-5’s and our holiday children at the city site have been busy learning how to program our new mouse Coby. They have set up mazes and obstacles for him to find the cheese. The children were really excited when Coby got the cheese!