We’ve created our very own beach at Narborough, the children have been building sandcastles and splashing in the paddling pool.

At Narborough the children have been doing some activities around the festival of Eid, they have created some sparkly moons and stars and bright colourful pictures. We would like to wish Eid Blessings to all those celebrating.

Check out our skittle alley at Narborough. Pre-school and 2-3’s have had so much fun playing skittles today in the garden. It’s great for the children’s hand eye coordination.

At Narborough this week the 2-3’s room have created a maypole and made some beautful ribbon pictures. They have also been dancing with bells and ribbons.

We’ve had some wonderful Easter Bonnet entries for our competition at Narborough. The winner will be chosen today and will receive a small prize. Thank you to all those that took the time to create the Bonnets and enter.

We had so much fun celebrating world book day yesterday at Narborough. The children and staff looked brilliant all dressed up. The children shared their favourite books with their friends and talked about what happens in the stories.

Check out our display in Narborough Village. The children in pre-school have been busy creating their homes to be displayed in Hunters Estate agent window. If you’re passing by then take a look. We are feeling very proud.🏡🏠🏘🏣

We’ve carried on the theme of vegetable printing at Narborough this week. Cocoons have done some potato printing using different sized potatoes

Come and get your groceries at Narborough. Cocoon’s have been busy creating a shop this week so they can buy fruit and vegetables. They’ve also been doing some fruit tasting and printing with the different items of veg

Kung Hei Fat Choi 🎉🐷🏮🍜🎊 We’re getting ready to celebrate Chinese New Year at Narborough. The children have been busy creating these colourful displays for the year of the pig. Next Tuesday we will be having yummy chicken in black bean sauce with vegetables and noodles too for lunch.