At the Oadby site the pre-school room has been looking at life cycles over the past few weeks. We had some frogspawn in a tank last week and they have turned into tadpoles. we have also got some catterpillars which we have been learning about and can’t wait to see the transformation

The children at the Oadby site have had fun dressing up in their favourite characters for world book day.

  This week in the baby unit, we have enjoyed texture play with the playdough, printing shapes and using different tools to create marks.

  This week at Oadby the 3’s-5’s in jolly giraffes have enjoyed getting messy whilst practicing letter formation. They used their hands and fingers to trace the letters in their names into the shaving foam!

The children at Oadby have been getting ready for Chinese new year next week. They have been doing lots of craft activities such as making lanters and decorating a dog for the year of the dog. They have also changed their role play area into a chinese restaurant. We will be changng the menue next […]

This week at the Oadby site we had our annual visit from the environmental health office. We are pleased to announce we mainitined our 5 start rating.

From all the staff and children at Oadby we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! We hope you enjoy the break and look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

The children at Oadby have really enjoyed a yummy festive Christmas dinner today cooked by the master chef Fiona herself. Thank you so much for the dinner and we were all trying hard not to have that afternoon nap after being stuffed.

This week at Oadby the children have enjoyed taking part in lots of festive activities for their stay and play during their Christmas party. They have been icing Christmas biscuits, decorating pine cones, printing snowmen and glittering and sticking on Christmas trees. They also sang Christmas carols and went to visit Santa in his grotto!