Pre-School 3 - 5 Years

A child’s cognitive development is greatest before the age of six and, it is therefore important that, favourable conditions are offered and emphasized during these impressionable years. As the child moves through the group rooms, to the pre-school, they experience a wide variety of activities helping to prepare them for their move to school.

Children are introduced to more formal activities such as reading, writing, and mathematics. They are encouraged to use and have fun with computers. The children also enjoy extra-curricular dance lessons, which help develop their balance and co-ordination whilst ensuring they get regular activity for a healthy body and mind.

Our nurseries work on building strong links with local schools to enable your child to make an easier transition into the school environment.

In this room, the foundations for future learning are formed, by encouraging children to develop a positive attitude towards learning and independence. This enables children to confidently approach a major change in their lives when starting school.