Toddlers 2 - 3 Years

For this age group, the day becomes more structured, and is split between free play and more organised adult-led activities. The activities are designed to help children to develop their social skills such as independence and co-operation, also language and intellectual skills.

At St George’s we take a balanced approach allowing a degree of freedom and free-play. We encourage activities such as painting, drawing, sand and water play, craftwork, cooking, music and movement, singing and nature study to help the children to express themselves.

We provide a music and movement programme of creative and inspiring pre-school dance classes that can be adapted to all abilities. This is on offer to children aged 18 months and upwards.

Participation in this programme stimulates the imagination, gives children a head start in encountering new physical and emotional experiences and in developing social interaction.

We work with parents to help the children with toilet training and personal hygiene such as the importance of washing hands and brushing teeth after lunch. There is a time to rest for those children who need a nap or just a quite period after lunch.

When your child turns two, the key person carries out a development check and this assessment will look at the 3 prime areas of learning. This check will identify if any additional support is needed.