This week our Piglet children have been getting creative with paint. The children explored mixing different colours together and used their body to make marks in the paint

This week at Oadby the preschool children have been to the petshop! They enjoyed meeting all the different animals that were there including guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, fish and budgies. They also got to meet a lovely 10 week old puppy called Leia. The children would also like to introduce you to the new addition […]

The 2-3’s at the city site have loved exploring the new soft play room. The children all had lots of fun bouncing and jumping around, safe to say they all slept well after dinner!

This afternoon the snowdrops and poppies went on an adventure. They went to the new walk museum. The children loved going through the tunnels in the animal exhibit and also looking through the magnifying glasses at the dinosaur bones. The children explored the museum and even came across a play room which they loved!

  This week at Enderby the Piglet room have enjoyed exploring the different textures of paper and materials with under the sea animals.

This week at Grace Road the 3-5’s have been painting with natural resources from in the garden such as leaves twigs and stones which have created some beautiful pictures.                               

  The children in Lion’s and Hippo’s have this week enjoyed a trip to the park. The children had lots of fun on the swings, slides, roundabouts and running around. The children were excited about visiting the park and enjoyed pointing out all the different types of vehicles that passed them on the way

The children in Hippo’s and Lion’s have been exploring ice cubes to find the hidden objects. The children were looking at what happened as the ice cubes began to melt.

This week at Grace Road our 3-5’s have enjoyed leaning about transport and the way we travel to our destinations when we go to work, school, home or go on holiday. we created a travel agents in our Roosters classroom where they have been looking through the catalogue’s and pretending to be on an aeroplane.

This week at Grace Road our 2-3’s and 3-5’s have enjoyed different types of water play, we have made watering cans to “water the flowers”, “make lines” and to “cook” with, outside and this morning we went “fishing” and caught “Nemo” as one of the children shouted excitedly.